5 Ways To Minimize Your Asphalt Driveway Repair Cost

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asphalt driveway

An asphalt driveway is an investment and part of the overall investment in your house. So, it makes sense to look after and maintain it much as you would your house.

When it rains and you notice your roof is leaking you fix it or you arrange for a professional to fix it. But either way you get it fixed.

Because you know if you don’t get it fixed the problem is only going to get bigger and more expensive to solve. Your asphalt driveway is no different.

A homeowner who cares for his driveway is one who follows the tips below to keep his driveway in great shape.

  1. Clean – always keep your driveway clean.

    Fallen leaves and mowed grass trap moisture and other deleterious material which when trafficked may damage the surface of your driveway.

    The trapped moisture may over time seep through the asphalt surface to the underlying gravel layer.This could cause de-densification of the layer and the resultant break up of your driveway.

    It takes very little to keep your drive clean – a stiff broom will do the trick and if you want something easier to use try one of those power brooms that are all the rage.

  2. Asphalt needs time to harden after being laid.

    Anything from 6 to 12 months.

    Newly laid asphalt is susceptible to damage from any kind of point loading – a woman’s stilettos is a common problem, and if the weather is exceptionally warm she might get stuck in the asphalt.

    Don’t put your lawn chairs on the driveway and definitely do not use your car’s power steering whilst the car is stationary or you will grind the surface up.

  3. Reseal your asphalt surface at the intervals recommended by the company that installed your driveway.

    Normally you should expect to reseal every 3 to 5 years depending on the condition of your driveway at the time.

    Your driveway will change from black in color to grey over a period of time.

    This is because it is oxidizing as a result of being exposed to weathering.

    As it oxidises it becomes more brittle and cracking or other damage may occur.

  4. Ensure none of the vehicles using your driveway have leaks of any kind.

    Fuel, oil, anti-freeze and power steering fluid will all soften the asphalt.

    Just a couple of drops a day, in the same place, over time will soften and break the asphalt up.

    So if any of your vehicles leak use a drip tray.

    If you park in the same place every day you can leave the tray there and park over it.Always have a spare tray available.

  5. Seal cracks as soon as you find them.

    As your asphalt surface weathers and ages the surface becomes more brittle and cracks start to appear.

    It is very important to seal them as soon as you find them.

    Cracks will allow moisture to enter the gravel layer below the surface.

    And as you know from 1. above moisture is no friend of it.

    This is a task that even the most inept diy’ers of us can handle as there are many sealants available to sort the problem out.

If you follow these tips there is no reason why your driveway should not last for many years and add value to your home.

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