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The Materials And Equipment To Do All Your Asphalt Crack Repair Work

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Asphalt Driveway Cracks

It is important to repair any cracks in your asphalt driveway as soon as possible. Not only do they look unsightly but if left alone they will get worse and could result in damage to your driveway.

The damage comes about through the crack, or cracks, allowing moisture in to the foundation of the driveway. The moisture allows soft spots to form in the gravel underneath your asphalt surface. This weakens your driveway and with continual use eventually potholes form, or even worse, your driveway could break up.

If you catch them in time repairing asphalt cracks is a fairly simple process for the average homeowner. Basically what you need to do is:

  1. Shape and clean out the crack. You do this by using a hammer and chisel to turn the profile of the crack in to a “v” shape. Or you can use a special tool like an asphalt crack hoe which is a bit like a builder’s trowel on the end of a short pole.
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    asphalt crack hoe

    Make sure any weeds are completely removed as well.

  2. Using a hard bristle broom sweep the debris from the crack. If you have a compressor use that.
  3. Apply weed killer and allow to dry.
  4. If the crack is deep, greater than half an inch, then use coarse sand or a cold patch asphalt to fill the crack to within a quarter of an inch of the top. Tamp this material down with a screwdriver or builder’s trowel.
  5. Then seal the top quarter of an inch of the crack with an acrylic based asphalt sealer which you can easily get from your local hardware store.
  6. Preferably then allow the newly sealed crack at least 24 hours to set before opening your driveway for use again.

As you can see the asphalt crack repair process is not complicated. And doing it yourself will save you a whole heap of money. Asphalt driveway repair contractors ar