Asphalt Driveway Contractors – Don’t Get Conned By Fly-By-Nights

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Scam Alert

You may not be surprised to learn the asphalt driveway business has its fair share of chancers just like any other business. And lately there have been quite a few reports of people being scammed by fly-by-night asphalt driveway contractors.

What happens is they pitch up on your doorstep and tell you they have some left over asphalt from a job just down the road and they can give you a really good deal.

So what do you do? How do you know if this guy is for real and you can deal with him, or is he someone you should say no to? I should add these fellows try and target older people who they feel can be browbeaten or pressured into accepting their offer.

So, if one of these guys pitches up on your doorstep how are you going to handle it?

Let’s think it through step by step.

Asphalt Driveway Contractor Just Happens To Be In The Area?

This guy just happens to be in your area and just happens to have some left over asphalt. Sounds like a bit of a story doesn’t it?

Think about it.

If this contractor was any good at his job he would have calculated exactly how much asphalt he needed. To do otherwise would be wasteful and expensive. So, if he has any left over he must be a bit sloppy in his thinking and execution of the work or he is lying.

You need to ask yourself, is this asphalt left over from a job like this guy says or is he just going around seeing who he can con in to having their driveway surfaced by him? In either case is this someone you would like doing a job for you?

Asphalt Driveway Contractor’s Offer Too Good to Be True?

We all have a pretty good idea of what things cost. So we should know when we are being offered a bargain and when it sounds like we are being offered the impossible.

If the cost of asphalting your drive seems like the bargain of the century then it may well be just plain old too good to be true. As the old adage goes – you get what you pay for.

In too many of these scams the asphalt work has deteriorated within days of the job being done and the contractor nowhere to be found.

Asphalt Driveway Contractor Wants Your Decision Right Now

He can’t wait. If you want it you must agree now and he forcefully pressures you in to accepting. This is why they seem to target the elderly believing they can pressure them more easily.

The contractor also has no time to provide a written quote defining the work to be done and the price to be paid.

Everything is rushed.

“Accept my offer now or I’ll take it elsewhere and you will lose out on a great deal” says the paving contractor.

Reluctant to lose out the homeowner agrees.

Often what happens is the homeowner agrees to having his driveway surfaced or resurfaced for a certain price and when the job is completed the contractor wants more money because he says he’s done extra. And without the paperwork many driveway owners just pay up.

Asphalt Driveway Contractor Will Take Cash Only!

If you agree with his price and allow him to get on with the work you will then find he wants payment before starting.

And he wants payment in cash, no checks, no credit card, just cash. This alone should be a very big red flag to you. Any reputable, well established contractor will give you options.

And what often happens after the job has been completed the contractor will come back to the driveway owner and say he wants more money because he has done more than he quoted for. Without any paperwork many homeowners just pay up not wanting any further trouble.

So, a cheap, too good to be true job now becomes an expensive one.

Asphalt Driveway Contractor Is Anonymous

Look past the guy standing in your drive and have a look at his truck. See any logo or company description on it? Any telephone numbers? If there are you will probably find they are from out of town. Often the telephone number will just connect to an answering machine.

Asphalt Driveway Contractors Are Not All Bad

The bottom line is if you are approached from someone offering you asphalt at a very low price because he says it has been left over from a job nearby don’t.

Don’t accept his offer, don’t even listen to him.

Far too many people have come off second best dealing with contractors like these.

Your asphalt driveway repair costs will be enormous after using one of these fly-by-night contractors.

But there are reputable driveway contractors out there who will give you a great job at a fair price. And it doesn’t take that much effort to find them. If you are thinking of having your driveway done rather find 2 or 3 reputable contractors and get proper quotes. Both sides then know exactly where they stand. There is no doubt and everyone is happy.

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