Asphalt Driveway Repair Secrets – Keeping Your Driveway In Great Condition

Your asphalt driveway represents a sizable investment and as such should be looked after carefully. You can delay or even avoid expensive asphalt driveway repair by following a few simple steps right from the beginning. These asphalt driveway repair secrets are not especially difficult or challenging. In fact all they really are is basic common sense. Not only do they help to keep your driveway clean but they also help to keep it looking good as well.

In a nutshell these steps are:

●    Keep your driveway clean
●    Don’t allow water to stand on it
●    Prevent oil and fuel spills
●    No heavy objects

Keep Your Asphalt Driveway Clean

Your asphalt driveway should be kept clean at all times.
Keep it swept.
Remove all dirt, leaves and any other rubbish by sweeping your driveway on a regular basis. Depending on the length of your drive it shouldn’t take you too long. All you need is a stiff broom and a little bit of time.
For really stubborn dirt it is probably a good idea to use a power washer. This will also help you to check for areas where there may be depressions – the water will pond there.

No Standing Water

After it rains you should always check your drive for standing water. If your driveway is brand new there shouldn’t be any but as it ages isolated settlement can occur.
Standing water should not be left to evaporate but instead should be swept off.
Asphalt is not impervious. If water is left standing, before it evaporates, some of it may actually seep through the asphalt layer and over time this can damage the underlying foundation. This in turn can lead to cracking of the asphalt surface and eventually cause potholes.

Clean All Fuel And Oil Spills

You should check your asphalt driveway often for signs of oil and fuel spillage from vehicles using it. Fuel and oil spills if left will soften the asphalt. Over time if nothing is done about it a pothole will develop. It is therefore very important that you attend to these without delay.
There are proprietary branded products on the market that will help you to clean these stains off your drive. Whatever you do don’t leave them to eat away at your asphalt

If it is one of your vehicles that is leaking then you need to either fix it or organize a drip tray you can put under it when it is parked. If the leaks come from someone else’s vehicle then you should ban them from your driveway.

Avoid Heavy Loads

Never leave a heavy weight parked on the driveway for an extended period of time be it a car or some other object. This may cause your driveway to settle in that particular spot. Even when parking your car don’t park it in the same place month after month.

If you follow these tips and keep your asphalt driveway well maintained it should be a very long time before you need to do any expensive or extensive asphalt driveway repair

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